5 best ways to cure anxiety forever

5 best ways that can help you to cure anxiety forever

Today we will discuss about the 5 best ways that can help you to cure anxiety forever. Searching for the cure of anxiety is a worldwide research, millions of people search the same topic that how to cure anxiety or the best ways to cure anxiety.

Below are some tips and tricks for you to help to cure anxiety.

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1. Avoid caffeine to cure anxiety

Caffeine is well-known as anxiety induce Trusted Source. But for me, drinking coffee has become such a habit that I often forget how sensitive I am to it.

When I’m feeling anxious or I’m expecting those feelings — like before I use public transportation — I always make a conscious decision to stop drinking caffeine. This goes for caffeinated soft drinks too.

2. Avoid alcohol to cure anxiety

Feelings of anxiety can be so overwhelming that you might feel the urge to have a cocktail to help you relax.

Although this may work in the short term, alcohol actually changes the levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain, making your symptoms worse. In fact, you may feel more anxious after the alcohol wears off.

3. Writing can help you to cure anxiety

One of the worst aspects of anxiety is not knowing why you feel nervous. You could lie on an idyllic beach with the ocean waves lapping in the distance and still feel worried for absolutely no reason.

That’s when writing can help. It can be an effective way to explore how you feel, especially if talking out loud feels impossible.

Studies show that keeping a journal is actually a healthy way to deal with negative feelings and can help reduce stress.

Another study found that anxious test participants who wrote a few notes before the test about how they were feeling and what they were thinking performed better than those who didn’t.

4. Using fragrance can help you to cure anxiety

We well know lavender for its calming properties. Keep a small bottle of lavender oil on hand for the scent, for when you feel anxious thoughts brewing.

If you practice mindfulness or meditation, try smelling lavender during your practice. Over time, you’ll associate the feeling of relaxation with that scent, making it even more effective.

5. Talking with someone who gets it

If your feelings of anxiety are making it hard to function, speak to a health professional. But talking to friends can also help. I have friends who have an anxiety disorder too. When I’m feeling terrible, I send them a message telling them how I’m feeling.

They might have a new hack I can try, or they can point out something that might have acted as a trigger. But sometimes it’s just nice to vent to someone who knows how it feels to be in my shoes.

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