Child Doesn’t Listen Me

Child Doesn’t Listen Me


Tired of yelling and running behind your kids? Exhausted while dealing with your students managing them and telling them to behave during the class? Tired of all those exhorting behaviour of your child and still can’t find the solution? Every elder is complaining, the child doesn’t listen me.


This is the major reason that you weren’t able to find the solution so lets analyses the problem.

What is the problem, Why the child doesn’t listen me:

Till now, what we think is that problem is with our kids, their genetics, and the most blamed thing is the era of time we are living in. But this is not all the truth because we blame these things as problems while actually, they are the after effect, reactions and the results. Yes, you got me right theses things are not the problems. That’s the reason we can never find the solutions. Every time we spend time with our child, what we get is that the child doesn’t listen me like he is deaf.

Let’s analyze The Actual Problem:

There is not only a single factor which provokes the child not to listen to us. But so many facts which are acting on them and their personalities. As a parent, we provide them all their needs, which we think are their needs, but unfortunately; we miss so many important things just because we don’t know them or we don’t consider them as their needs. Here we are discussing only a single factor which is on the top of the list. Not because it is our classification, but because studies have proven that we always miss this factor. While this is something which is connected to the child’s birth and it affects even the child before birth too.

They act what they learned:

Now, let’s analyze the original problem. What we believe is that the child learns how to behave better or what is the acceptable behaviour as they become aware of this world and this is the mental age of a child is considered as the learning age and this period starts after the 7 or 8 years of the birth.

But that’s not true the child learns things and behaviours, emotion and reactions when the fetus is 4 months old. Yes, it starts its learning from that age. It is unbelievable, but it’s the truth and the miracle of nature. The fetus can feel and hear everything in the womb, and it’s being recorded in its sub-conscious mind. We should note that children’s starts their learning even before their birth. So we can say that they have those memories recorded in their subconscious mind and that memory could be as Behaviours and Reactions. 

A grown-up man is a version of the child. Man is not someone else but that child who is just grownup. He might act well after he becomes an adult, but only in his conscious state cause his subconscious is already trained till the age of 7 or if it exceeds, it could be 10. No more than that, so he will act differently. It means that all the acts we perform subconsciously are the lessons we thought in our childhood (before and after birth till 10 years max).

Similarly, a child is in a less conscious state than the sub-conscious state. Thus, they do what it commands to them. Cause obeying is done consciously. And then we complain that they listen to us while we are the one who made them act this way.


Try to train your child from the beginning whatever you want them to do. Even mind science says that before birth try to make the pregnant women comfortable not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. Be gentle with them, even if you don’t want for the sake of you and your child.

Never fight in front of your child. Never yell at them, If you think they have made a mistake, try making a conversation with them. Even it’s better not to ask them the question this way like “why have you done this?”. Instead, ask them this way “what do you think if someone does this”. Start having small talks with them about the things you think are wrong with them, but never try to point them as the culprit, but try to point someone else. Like anyone from the story or any imaginary character.

Provide them with a healthy environment. Here healthy not only means good and hygienic but love and kindness too. Cause they need it, our care and attention and our best behaviour. There is much more to discuss and would definitely discuss with you, but you should contribute too by discussing other facts. As this is only the first fact which we introduced to you.













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