How Criminals Are Made

How Criminals Are Made?

“How criminals are made?” Something that every common person thinks of even if a single time in his life and many times by a person related to the criminal field. These days, it’s indeed easy to find the culprit due to technology, but the saddest fact is that the rate of crime is exploding day by day. The reason for this problem is not as simple as you think there are, so many complications and need to stop by the government and the citizens cause only the government can’t control this behaviour.

Difference Between Deviant & Criminals

A criminal is a person who comments crime like something that is against the laws while a deviant is a person who commits an act opposite to the social norms. So basically here we are talking about the criminals. Actually, a criminal is not born criminal. It makes him criminal in so many circumstances.

Actually, deviant behaviour is then set up as a criminal. We as a normal person think the deviant person is not doing something wrong with it, just not according to society, but the truth is that this behavior then provokes the criminal methodology in a person’s mind. And they develop this deviant behaviour in childhood time. As it is the learning time of a kid and whatever he learns is what he becomes in the future.

Deviancy in children and criminal behaviour

Whenever a child is set up with some rules by the family, every child has to obey it and go along with it and live his life the way which is given by his family. But at some point, sometimes the kid starts to violate these rules. But this is not the character of deviancy that starts when the kid (I) is not stooped, supported or (ii)  he is stopped but in a bad way or through wrong behaviour. This makes the kid develop the character of deviancy.

And here we got the exact point that we should stop this behaviour of deviancy cause this is the main, basic point which is said to be the root cause of a person becoming a criminal.

Above we discussed that that are two reasons which lead a child to become deviant when he makes a mistake. Let’s discuss the reasons in some detail.

The child is not stopped, or he is supported when he makes mistakes

There are two sorts of behaviour which we are going to discuss regarding this matter:

The first is that we do not stop the child when he makes a mistake, and the other is that this child who makes is supported after is spotted or caught red-handed.

Not stopped

He as elders notice so many mistakes which we knew our child does that. But intentionally or unintentionally, we don’t stop them from making that mistake again and again. Thinking that he might learn it in the future. Or the child is too young to be stopped from making this mistake. However, the truth is that is the point when he should be stopped. Or else what he learns is that this act which we saw as a mistake is not a mistake in his view and could be done again as a normal act.


In some cases whenever a child is caught red-handed. Making any mistake is violating the rules of the family as well. Someone from the elders scolds him or stopping him from making this mistake. But on the same, there comes someone else and tries to stop that elder from scolding or stopping the child. And he then acts kind towards the child while misbehaves with the elder. So at that time, the child stops feeling guilty about what he had done. And he then starts to think that the act he had done is right and should be done again as well.

The child is stopped through bad behaviour or in the wrong way when he makes a mistake.

Yes, indeed, sometimes stopping someone in a bad way could lead him to commit that mistake again. Whenever a child makes a mistake, he felt guilty afterward regarding what he had done. If he is told that what he has done is wrong. But what if the child is abused regarding that mistake or they insult him in front of others? Or he is beaten badly, or any behaviour that could lead to the destruction of his character?

Then the one who is doing this to the child becomes a villain in the eye of that child. The reason is that natural human being tends to turn to the person where he finds love n care. And the most important thing which we often forget is respect 

This disgraceful act of an elder makes his own self an evil or villain in the child’s eye. And the ultimate result is that this child tries to become more deviant. Just to seek pleasure or revenge by teasing that person who had done this to him.

This article is just the basic word about criminals. However, we are eager to write more with your help and suggestions. so comment below more factors which cause a person to become a criminal and help us shape our society.



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