My Child Offends Me

Why Does My Child Offend Me?

Our child‘s behaviour is the first-ever thing, which is our biggest concern. And this could ruin their relationships with others as well. Something which is often asked by the parents is that why does our child offends us. Why is my child developing such behaviour? But first, we have to accept the fact that this offensive behaviour of our child is not a fact but a result of some fact0ors acting on him. And making him offend us this way.

Offensive Behaviour Among Children.

First, we have to study what is offensive behaviour? Like, exactly what sort of symptoms are combined to call a behaviour as an Offensive behaviour. Because usually what we as an elder see is as an offensive behaviour is not that but it’s a high emotional state. In which the child himself doesn’t how exactly he is behaving towards us.

Difference between offensive behaviour and high emotional state:

Offensive behaviour includes a continuous denial of orders, continuous damage to the property of a specific person with certain intervals of time. It also includes attempts hurting a specific person. Trying to insult someone with the variation of time.

  • Having frequent temper tantrums
  • Arguing a lot with adults
  • Refusing to do what an adult asks
  • Always questioning rules and refusing to follow rules
  • Doing things to annoy or upset others, including adults
  • Blaming others for the child’s own misbehaviours or mistakes
  • Being easily annoyed by others
  • Often having an angry attitude
  • Speaking harshly or unkindly
  • Seeking revenge or being vindictive


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    Children are our essence and we should think about them…well explained…i am happy to read your research and viewpoints

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